About the 'One Pixel Website'

The One Pixel Website was created to be the first with the smallest website theoretically possible. The website has some real content, animation and even features a link to an other website.
The white pixel in the center is transmitting a poem in Morse code. Morse code uses short and long beeps to create characters.

The current 'poem' is:
What hath God wrought?

In morse this is:
.-- .... .- -    .... .- - ....    --. --- -..    .-- .-. --- ..- --. .... - ..--..

Samuel F. B. Morse (1791-1872) was a painter and founder of the National Academy of Design. In 1832, while on a ship returning from Europe, he conceived the basic idea of an electromagnetic telegraph. Experiments with various kinds of electrical instruments and codes resulted in a demonstration of a working telegraph set in 1836, and introduction of the circuit relay. This made transmission possible for any distance. With his creation of the American Morse code, the historic message, "What hath God wrought?" was sucessfully sent from Washington to Baltimore.
(Source: ARRLWeb)

The 'One Pixel Website' was inspired by the work of Alan Outten who created the great website www.guimp.com. While not trying to copy his work, like some others, I felt there was a boundary that needed to be reached.

If you have any suggestions for the poem on the One Pixel Website, please contact me at:


If one pixel can tell a poem, imagine what thousands can do,

Sander Voerman